Unhappy People Have These Things In Common

Often we don’t take time to reflect on our life and our overall happiness because we are just to busy being busy. Usually this sort of thing happens when we have holidays or get some time away from work. This is often a time when we reenergize and catch up on lost sleep, as well as set some new goals for the months ahead.

Without delving within it’s difficult to establish whether you really are all that happy in all aspects such as yourself, your career, your home environment or your relationships. Happiness is a hard thing to define as it is unique to everyone, yet we all want to be happy in some form or another.

There are however common traits within all happy people that may help you identify whether you really have reached that shining beacon of happiness or not:

1. Unhappy people constantly worry about money

There have been ample studies that have proven getting rich won’t bring happiness, yet unhappy people tend to unnecessarily worry about money. A study by Princeton University found that an annual income of $US75,000 per year, per household is needed to be happy. What this really means, is that you need to be comfortably paying your bills and generate some savings without worrying about finances or building debt.

If money or lack of is a constant issue, analyse your spending. Could you downsize? Are you paying for things you could do without? Have you overcommitted financially? Have you tried increasing your income yet through channels like those on the Immediate momentum review?

2. Unhappy people hate their jobs

We spend a lot of time at our jobs, so if your job satisfaction is low chances are you’re unhappy. Not only may we find ourselves struggling to get through the work day with a smile on our face, we often bring home our frustration or anger and project it on others. This creates further unhappiness in other aspects of our life, in particular our relationships.

Taking an aerial view of your work life and questioning your contentment can resolve this. What don’t you enjoy about your job? What’s missing in your career? Are your issues with your colleagues, boss or the job itself? What’s your passion and skills and how might they better suit another role? Or are you looking at your job with the wrong perspective?

3. Unhappy people don’t have active hobbies

Spending your free time outside of work commitments simply doing the chores, looking after others or moping about doesn’t foster happiness. Happiness is directly associated with your activity level. When you move, you feel good. It is also liked to regularly doing things you love. Find a hobby that combines your passion and movement. Think yoga, horse riding, swimming, hiking or running. You might even consider learning to play the guitar – it’s a wonderful way to merge your love for music with an active pursuit. You can check out this site for affordable guitar lessons monrovia.

4. Unhappy people tend to be lonely

Relationships are so important for your health and happiness, yet sometimes we forget to nurture these friendships because our lives takeover. Spending time connecting with your friends one-on-one or in a group is directly linked with happiness. No, this does not mean writing on your Facebook friend’s wall or sending an email to a loved one.

5. Unhappy people think buying stuff is the answer

If you’re trying to fill a void within yourself by consuming items, whether it’s food, homewares, clothing, toys or alcohol then you’re likely to be unhappy with your life or yourself. Unfortunately, unhappiness can’t be purchased.

Happiness is cultivated from within. It grows from fulfilling passions, for reaching goals and being surrounded by meaningful relationships. No amount of shoes will make you happy in the long run.

6. Unhappy people don’t like themselves

No one can make us happy except ourselves. If you dislike yourself, you will never truly find happiness. It may be that you’re not happy with your physical appearance like your weight, your height or your complexion. You may also dislike who you are on the inside. Perhaps you’re overly jealous, have a short fuse or lack drive.

Whatever it is, happiness starts with you. Spend time learning to love yourself and happiness will follow.


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