Winter Warming Dinner Party Menu – Artichoke Dip, Chicken Casserole And Baked Apples

Dinner Party Table

Sometimes its nice to follow someone else’s menu to make life easier for you. So here is the first of a series of menus that we are putting together just for you. This was a lovely sunday lunch in the sun. The dishes were hearty, nourishing and loaded with amazing real food ingredients.

Artichoke Dip-2

To start with we had this incredible full of flavour artichoke and spinach dip with baked kumara chips. You can easily bake the chips yourself, but I know I have also seen these being sold in quite a few health stores, so look out for them. They are quite devine!

Get the recipe for the Artichoke Dip Here

Foccacia Bread
Foccacia Bread-2

Then for the lunch I served up a big pot of hearty chicken, thyme and mushroom casserole with fresh homemade focaccia bread.  Smelt amazing, tasted amazing and feed plenty of mouths with loads left over for later.

Recipe here for the clean eating Foccacia Bread

Chicken Pot-5

The main star of the lunch is this incredible pot of nourishing hearty casserole. Winter is the perfect time to serve this sort of dish, whether its for the family or for guests you will leave all the bellies around the table completely satisfied and feeling fantastic. The dish is also very economical and goes a long way.

Get the Recipe for the chicken, thyme and mushroom casserole here

Baked Apple-3

Then what better way to finish it all off with some nice light baked apples, after such a heavy main dish, you feel like something really refreshing and simple. This is why these baked apples were perfect. Turn a basic apple into a star to finish off your winter dinner party or long lunch.

Recipe for the Humble Baked Apple here

Baked Apple-3



Chicken Pot
Dinner Party Menu

Photos taken by the fabulous Katie Horrocks


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