Episode # 1 – Colds Triggering Asthma In 3 Year Old

Episode # 1 blogWelcome to the first video podcast episode of Ask The Personal Trainer. Every friday I answer one listener question. This week I had a question from a lovely Mum with her 3 year old boy.

This Weeks Question

My 3 year old has today been diagnosed with asthma  – at this stage it is only triggered when he has a cold. Last winter he had colds left, right and Centre.  At times there was only two weeks from the start of one to the start of the next and on occasion he had some breathing issues.

We have had a break since early November, however now with the cooler evenings and mornings now just beginning my son got his first cold for the year on friday triggering what we now know were asthma episodes.

I am thinking perhaps some sort of supplements may give his immunity a boost but would prefer something that wasn’t loaded with rubbish and not hugely expensive.

Is there anything you can suggest, or any specific foods that may help/ or hinder in this situation. Do I remember correctly about a link between dairy and asthma?

Ideally he would be eating clean, and lots of leafy greens etc however he is very much a work in progress on that score lol.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and for all that you do.


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