Your state of mind is just as important as your state of body to creating wellness. How you feel internally governs your thoughts, the actions you take, and the life you make.

Your state of mind is as important as your body when it comes to creating wellness, if not more so. Because how you feel internally governs your thoughts, the actions you take, and the life you make. Happiness isn’t about walking around in a joyful state 100% of the time. Happiness is about being content with who you are, with what you have, and with where you are going. Do things that will make happiness a natural by-product.

Start by doing things you love and that make you smile. Create a sense of purpose to your days by having goals you want to achieve. Spend time with friends and family, those who love you and support you. Take time out to rest your mind from the daily stresses and anxieties. Make happiness a priority it in your life. Actively nurture it and put time aside for it. Make it important to you. Stop doing what doesn’t make you happy, and start doing what DOES make you happy. Your life will change immeasurably for it.

Where are we on the wheel of wellness?

This is the Wheel of Wellness. A model to help you understand the different components that create true wellness in your life.

We are currently looking at happiness, 1 of the 4 health essentials.

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The components of happiness

1. family & relationships

Stay in touch with the people in your life who are important to you. Being connected, loved & part of a community makes you feel whole. Catch up in person, over the phone or write a letter.

2. meditation/quiet time

Rest your mind from the constant stream of thoughts. Quiet time brings inner peace & clarity, reduces stress & anxiety. Do this through meditation or sitting in a quiet place of reflection.

3. direction

Know where you are now & where you want to be. Having clarity of direction gives you focus & a sense of purpose to your day. Set monthly, weekly and daily steps you need to take to get to where you want to be. Track your progress.

4. passion

Do things you love, that make you smile & bring joy to your life. Set time aside & create space for your passions each day.

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