Gain more energy, more focus & be more productive. Sleep can do this for you as it is your super power! Prioritise sleep & your quality of life will change.

Sleep is your super power! It is the most under ultilized secret weapon that can unlock your wellness and a life well lived. Yet most people don’t give it the respect it deserves. They don’t think that sleep is important. It’s common to boast about how little sleep we need to survive on. We are too busy being busy, working long hours or staying up late, then up again early to launch into the next hectic day. Who has time to sleep when you have so much on your plate, right?! If you make your sleep a priority, you will function as a different human being and your quality of life will change. You won’t get irritable, grumpy or drowsy during the day.

Your learning, your focus and your memory will improve immensely. Your productivity will go through the roof when you get good quality sleep. Don’t mess with your body’s mechanism to physically and psychologically repair itself. If you are literally exhausted, the biggest thing that will fix you is sleep! So if you want more energy, more focus and more productivity in your days, then recognising the power of sleep is the first step. Putting routines in place to get good quality sleep will set you on the path to wellness and a life well lived.

Where are we on the wheel of wellness?

This is the Wheel of Wellness. A model to help you understand the different components that create true wellness in your life.

We are currently looking at sleep, 1 of the 4 health essentials.

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The components of sleep

1. sleep quality

Your body mentally & physically repairs itself through quality sleep each night. Aim for 8-9 hours to give it the time it needs to repair. Make your room as dark as possible.

2. hormonal balance

Expose your body to daylight for 30 minutes each day to stimulate proper cortisol balance & promote a normal circadian cycle.

3. evening routine

Remove blue light exposure from screens in the evening to improve your sleep quality. Wind down by reading, having a herbal tea or taking a bath. Routine helps you relax.

4. meal timings

Eat dinner at least 3 hours before bed to allow your body to finish digesting food. This will allow proper production of melatonin to help you fall asleep.

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