Oil Cleansing for Face

Oil Cleansing For The Face
I have started to look into oil cleansing for my face. When we moved house, it astounded me how many skin care bottles and creams were in the bathroom cabinet that I never used. I wondered how much money had I spent over the years on these different skin care products and it was quite gutting throwing them all out.

Since my perioral dermatitis was so angry and inflamed and the skin care I was using wasn’t doing anything I thought it was a perfect time to revisit how I was looking after my skin. It was so confusing as to what product to use, and to know what would help heal my skin and not put extra toxins and chemicals back on it. So I research and discovered a traditional way to cleanse your skin, because even buying organic these days didn’t guarantee it was going to be good for my skin, and I also get great products for taking care of my skin from sites like Emeraldspa.com.


To get healthy skin, you first need a healthy diet

First it is important to understand the principles of eating a diet that is about nourishing your skin. This is the foundation of any skin treatment plan. Once you have the foundations right you can build upon that. No matter how good your skin treatment is, it will not outperform proper nutrition. Nutritional deficiency lead to  issues with your skin, body odor and hormonal imbalances. Food and its quality is of utmost importance.


What Does Oil Cleansing For Your Face Involve?

Oil cleansing is a traditional way of cleansing. You see likes dissolve likes. So oil dissolves oil. So to de-clog your pores and moisturize your face you shouldn’t use face washes and foamy substances, not only do they affect the Ph levels of the skin, they are also full of chemicals and cost you a lot of money.

Castor oil is the first oil I used in this regime. Castor oil is renowned for its treatment in wounds and dry skin and is renowned holistic medicine. It is very strong and when applied to the skin has anti-inflammatory properties. The use of the castor oil is for cleansing. I dilute the oil down in a carrier oil which is usually what I have in the house and this can either be olive oil, coconut oil (you would need to melt it to mix) or almond oil.

You then use either coconut oil or Jojoba oil for moisturizing. Jojoba oil is a wax and it is very similar to the structure of our own skin. It creates a perfect balance on your skin, so your skin won’t over or under produce oil when it has jojoba on it.

Coconut oil is a more intense moisturizer containing lauric acids which is known for having great benefits for the skin and hair. Both these oils have anti-microbial properties, so they can really help stop any bad bacteria in its path.


Oil Cleansing Method

  • In a jar mix 1 part castor oil to 2 parts carrier oil. Mix together really well.
  • Before bed, massage generous amounts of the oil onto your skin and keep massaging for around 2 minutes.
  • Then apply a warm washcloth and place it over your face to allow it to steam the pores open. I hold it there and repeat a few times, approximately a couple of minutes.
  • Apply oil again, steam again and then wipe the remaining oil off your face.
  • Pat your skin dry and put a thin layer of either coconut oil or jojoba oil on your skin.


In the mornings I just wipe my face with a warm towel and sometimes apply jojoba oil over again. If wearing make up I will do this a good 30 minutes before to allow it to soak in.


P.S Want to know how I detoxify my skin? Check out my next post How To Detox Your Skin And Improve Perioral Dermatitis



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