Podcast # 42 – Interview With Dr Sherrill Sellman Womens Hormone Specialist


Podcast # 42 - Interview With Dr Sherrill Sellman Womens Hormone Specialist - Podcast # 42In this episode I interview Dr Sherrill Sellman. Sherrill is a womens hormone specialist and the author of two books. Hormone Heresy and What Women Must Know To Protect Their Daughters From Breast Cancer.

We discuss things all womens hormones and go into detail about adrenal stress and how this is linked to gut health and overall hormonal function. Discover what you can do to improve your hormone health and learn valuable information that just isn’t mainstream and should be!

We discuss these listener questions also.


Question 1

I feel like every single type of contraception out there has both positives and negatives from a wellness point of view, and it’s really hard to make an informed decision about what’s the right option. I’d be really interested to know what she recommends women do. Women who are suffering with yeast infections should give a try.

Question 2

What causes acne on the jaw line. Is it hormonal acne? That’s what I’ve heard before. How can I go about balancing it. (I’m 43, I don’t eat processed foods, gluten or a lot of sugar. But, that doesn’t rule out it could still be a food intolerance I guess).

Question 3

If you’ve had a hysterectomy how do you know you’re going through menopause?

Question 4

What are your thoughts on progesterone cream?

To find out more about Dr Sherrill Sellman and the dates that she is coming to NZ check out her website here.







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