Podcast Episode 22 – Sherrill Sellman Interview

In this podcast episode, Nicola interviews Sherrill Sellman, and together they discuss how the food you eat and your digestive system is linked to your hormones.

What is HRT and the pill, how they are related and what the problem is with them. They then discuss the effect they have on digestion and candida. Also how candida is linked to depression, anxiety, skin problems, menstual cramps, adrenal fatigue and so  many other symptoms.

They talk about the link soy has to painful periods and how painful monthly cramps may be the norm, but pain isn’t something you should be experiencing monthly. It is a sign of inflammation and something is wrong.

The link that leaky gut has to hormonal health and the link hormonal health has to skin health.

The best ways to detoxify from overload in estrogen.

What is endometriosis and PCOS and how to heal them.

Why weight loss starts with management of your hormones. Why its not as simple as calories in verses calories out and exercise.

 Then some listener questions – 

  • Listener 1 asks –  Hi Sherrill, I went off the pill 10 months ago and still haven’t go my period, my partner and I are dying to start a family so slightly frustrating! I’m assured its totally normal and I saw a naturopath as well and I’m taking stuff she prescribed but I’m interested to know how normal this is and what I can do!!! I am trying acupuncture this week to see if that will help, your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Listener 2 asks – Hi Sherrill, Last year I had two missed miscarriages and after seeing a naturopath was told that I have leaky bowels – which he believes is the cause of the missed miscarriages. This was about 7 months ago. Since then I have been eating really well, cut out all processed foods, sugar and gluten. I hardly drink alcohol and limit myself to one coffee a day. After visiting the naturopath a second time about two months ago, he said I was not completely healed, but it was improving. I’ve spent well over a grand on vitamins ect and was feeling very positive about everything. I work out a lot, doing Kettlebells, something I really enjoy. My problem is now, my periods have stopped completely. I had one normal one in jan then had it for one day in feb, but other than that, nothing! I am so incredibly frustrated, trying to do all the right things, but it seems to be backfiring, you can’t get pregnant without a period! About 2 months ago, around the same time I saw the naturopath last, my body fat got down to 15%, this was not something I was aiming for, it just happened. So thinking that my body fat was too low for a period I have pulled back on my training a bit (was only doing 4 days a week) Now I don’t know what to do, my emotions are really up and down at the moment, I am so frustrated and I have lost all of the hope I had before- any advice you could give me on this I would be really grateful!
  • Listener 3 Asks –  What should I eat when I feel like eating EVERYTHING?

  • Listener 4 Asks – I have hormonal Acne on the jawbone area and frequent cycles (24-26 day). Also low testosterone levels which According to Mens Journal can be cotrolled using natural supplements. What is the best step forward for me.


To find out more about Sherrill or to get in touch with her head to her website http://whatwomenmustknow.com/

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