Podcast Episode 23 – Listener Q And A

In this episode Nicola answers some of the listener questions. If you have a question you would like answered on the next episode, submit it below.


Listener Question 1 – Hi Nicola, I am training for an half marathon and I have been reading all your info on your site and also heaps of other sites, im wondering what your opinion is on carb loading for these events, how much carbs do I need to be eating when training etc. Thanks for your time. I am eating pretty clean, im just uncertain of my carb quantity as there are so many different opinions.


Listener Question 2 – Hi Nicola I I have a couple of friends who are doing crossfit, and they are trying to get me on board…I was thinking no way since I’m training for a marathon, but as I started thinking more about it, I wondered if it could be a good compliment to my running.


Listener Question 3 – Hi Nicola, I try and drink plenty of water, currently I am drinking town tap water, can you tell me if this is okay?? Depending on who you talk to you get different answers. Also how much water should I be drinking.


Listener Question 4 – Can you help me find some good food to have during my long cycle rides. I am training for a half iron man and I don’t like using those squeegys, so I was hoping for some inspiration on real food sources.


Listener Question 5 – I can’t say enough good things about your pod casts. I have gained valued information, thanks! I have heard many good things about Maca. What do you know about it? Do you recommend adding this to your diet, if so is there anything I should be aware of?


Listener Question 6 – Hi nicola I have traditionally used whey protein concentrate as part of my post workout nutrition for harder and/or longer sessions. However I has since found out that my allergies were all linked to dairy, because my nutrition plan eliminates dairy I am looking into alternatives. I have seen pea protein, rice protein and hemp protein in various stores – I am I wondering what are your thoughts on Egg White protein as an effective substitute for whey protein?” Are there any brands you recommend?


Listener Question 7 – I’m 35, female and train and run for aesthetic purposes only. I have always run and I feel that its the only way I can maintain my weight. I run, bike and head to LM classes for the calorie burn, however I am noticing my body is getting softer, I am keen to add weights into my regime or something to help me tone up. I eat 100% clean. My questions is where is the best place to start, do I keep running?? I don’t want to get bulky with weights, I just want to tone up and tighten my butt and thights….typical problem areas I know! Thanks so much.


Listener Question 8 – First, what is the physiological difference and which would be more beneficial to my training. Early morning fasted training, or mid morning training, or training after work. I am after optimal fat burning and weightloss. Do you think fasted workouts work??


Listener Question 9 – What are the benefits of taking in the correct amounts of fuel, protein and carbs, after a workout and when someone does not refuel within that recovery window, are there negative effects on the body, or is this going to slow my results down. Some days I find I can’t quite get food into the diesried window, so I am wondering if I need to be more prepared or is it not that big a deal.


Listener Question 10 – I really enjoy your podcast show. I work out twice a week with a personal trainer, do the Insanity workout a couple times a week, and try to fit in 3 or so 1/2 hour runs a week (in the mornings).  My question is that I am trying to decrease my body fat in my lower half without much luck. I was wondering if you could give advice to someone like myself, who is not into training to hard core, but wondering what I can do differently to help knock down that fat?”


Listener Question 11 – I recently began taking a multi-vitamin in the morning along with my probiotic and fish oil, I have been taking them with coffee! Is this okay, I read somewhere this can inhibit absorption, is there a better time to take supplements?? How long should I wait after drinking my morning coffee before taking my probiotics?

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