Podcast Episode # 31 – Understanding Your Own Biology, Kombucha, Monthly Cycles, No Time Verses Energy + More

Podcast # 31

In this episode I discuss the importance of ‘owning’ your own body and learning to understand your own biology. Looking for patterns in your monthly cycle and working out ways you can overcome cravings, bad moods, energy highs and lows, plateaus and pitfalls. Discover how the more you learn to listen the more power you have.

I then talk all about kombucha and its amazing benefits. I go into detail about what it is, how to make it and what it powerful role it can play in helping with your detoxification, health of your liver, health of your hormones and general overall feeling of wellness.

Then discover why the word ‘time’ may not be your problem when it comes to exercise and motivation, when in fact it may actually be energy and your ability to be able to utilize your time well.

I also then answer a couple of listener questions. 

Hi Nicola, are there any fat burner supplements out there that you would recommend?


Hi Nicola I have an issue with injury and consistency when training. I start off great guns then I always about 4-5 weeks into any season I get injured. Anything from knees, ankles, achilles. Do you have any advice for me this time around and what I could do to prevent getting injured?


Hi Nicola, how do you stay motivated and focused to stay on track with your goals?


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