What To Eat When You Can’t Eat Anything

When You Feel Like You Can’t Eat Anything Due To Digestive Health, Here Are Some Things You Can Eat

When your gut is inflamed and you have a severe leaky gut it can be so frustrating because you feel like you can’t eat anything. For me, I used to feel quite alone or as if I was being super high maintenance because there were so many foods that made me feel miserable that I had to be so careful about where I ate and what I ate. Which can be hard when it comes to dinners out or family meals but the good thing is it does get easier and being really strict does give your body a better chance of healing faster. Then once you are healed you can then start to explore more food options and not be so rigid in your food choices if you choose not to be.

In the time that you are healing it just means you may have to be more creative with your catch-ups, catch up for walks instead of wine. You host the dinner parties instead. I did this a lot and it just made life so much easier and less awkward when it came to meals with friends or family.

Even though I was eating a really clean real food diet there were 4 things that I did that helped along the way. Often it can feel like you can’t tolerate a lot of foods and sometimes changing just your diet does not always improve digestion.  Just as only taking out foods that you are sensitive is sometimes not quite enough.

You see when you have leaky gut the focus should be on rebuilding the digestive organs. Healing your whole digestive system and sometimes constantly throwing assault at it can cause symptoms to continue to flare up. Rest it, let it recover. Weight loss supplements like liv pure also helps with detoxification.

I know how frustrating this can be so here are the 4 things you can do when you feel like you can’t eat anything.

1. Remove trigger foods so your digestive system can start to rebuild. Start by avoiding the major allergens such as gluten and dairy and if still experiencing issues remove foods that are cross-reactive also. Just because something is right for someone else, doesn’t mean it is right for you, even if it is healthy.

2. Start to explore food combining and keep your meals really simple. I would choose one above ground vegetable, one protein source and one fat source then if I was having starch it would be just one. Often if I combined something like leeks and onion I would get severe bloating and stomach pains. Now, these are fine together, but while healing it was a big issue so I just kept it super simple.

3. Eating lots of raw foods in your diet is great and this is something I am doing now, but for an inflamed digestive system cooked foods are easier to digest and I couldn’t handle very much raw at all. So enjoy more cooked foods as this aids in easier digestion.

4. Eat plenty of fermented foods as these are predigested making them easy for the body to digest. Also, they are a natural source of probiotics, which means they are going to be great for you to help improve gut health. If fresh greens are not readily available or not in season, greens powder from https://www.outlookindia.com/outlook-spotlight/athletic-greens-ag1-review-is-it-worth-the-hype-or-superfood-don-t-buy-until-you-read-this-news-301982/ can serve as a reliable source of important nutrients.

Now, these suggestions are of course for those who are experiencing digestion problems, if you have a good digestion then you don’t need to worry about any of these suggestions but for those who may be going through what I went through 3 years ago, these may help. It’s about understanding your body and what it needs now. It could take a couple of months to heal or years. We are all different and the sooner you get to understand your body the sooner you can provide it with a platform to heal and thrive from.

Following an autoimmune meal plan is a great place to begin and this is a crucial step in the healing process. Remember too, that there is a fine line between someone getting unhealthily obsessed with a “clean diet” and someone who has to due to the fact that they get very sick from it. This is often where onlookers will pass their judgment and you just have to ignore it and not let that affect you because you are doing this to make YOU feel good.

Don’t give up on your healing journey, you aren’t alone and trust the process. Be kind to yourself on this journey and kind to others who may be going through something similar. You have to wholeheartedly believe in your choices and that they are right for you. Keep it simple make choices that simply make you feel good and if questioned reply “because it makes me feel good” If you don’t believe its right others will doubt it too.   Just do whats right for you and take care and nourish that body of yours.


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