Winter Skincare And Nutrition Tips

Winter skincare and nutrition tips

As we are in the depths of winter I wanted to share with you my winter skincare and nutrition tips so you can keep your skin feeling healthy, elastic and glowing in the cooler months. Try out some of these tips and and notice how amazing your skin feels when you nourish if with amazing nutrients from the inside out and the outside in. If you want to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines on your face, you may consider getting botox injections and dermal fillers in Lehi, UT or try microneedling in Chesterfield, MO. In addition, those who would like to stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin for dramatic tightening and toning results on the face and neck may consider trying Morpheus8 or PDO threads in Kansas City, MO.

Mineral Water
Winter can be a hard time to drink plenty of water due to the temperature, but often we are exposing our skin to internal heating and fires that can dry your skin out. So staying hydrated is really important, but also ensuring that that water contains dissolved minerals in it. Tap water and filtered water can be void of nutrition so by aiding mineral back into your water you can insure you are allowing your cells to remain hydrated. You can do this by simply adding a 1/8-1/4 teaspoon to 1 litre of filtered water.  Read my post I did here on this. Alternatively you can get a spring water or purchase mineral water.

Vitamin C
In addition to mineral water I like to make sure my body is getting adequate vitamin C not only on my skin but also internally also. Ensuring I eat adequate fruits and vegetables but also taking a supplement to help with this is a good idea also. This helps to strengthen my immune system and help relieve my body of any oxidative stress which is vital for optimal recovery and repair of skin cells. If you’re looking to further enhance your skin’s health and address sagging skin, you can explore options like IPL photofacial in Vancouver, WA or Neogen Plasma non-surgical facelift to address specific concerns and improve your overall skin condition. And those who want to try a med spa the delivers the ultimate spa experience may consider visiting Aesthetic Essentials or AMG Aesthetics in Tucson, AZ.

Fermented Foods
One of the most important things you do is eat a diet that is loaded with vegetables and make your meals as colorful as possible. Then when you add fermented vegetables they naturally bring in good quality probiotics to help maintain good gut flora. Having a healthy digestive system is key to skin health, cognitive function, performance and overall well-being. When you are striving for optimal health and glowing skin in the process fermented veggies are incredibly beneficial. Try including some that contain ginger and beetroot for enhanced detoxification from the ginger and the hydrochloric acid in the beets, combined with high vitamin c content in the cabbage you have a winning combination to enhance great cell recover, repair and rebuild.

Enough said. These guys are incredible for you skin. Loaded with unbelievable fats to help maintain elasticity in your skin. I aim to eat 1 avocado a day and tend to throw it into my green smoothie to make it creamy and rich.

Aloe Vera
Loaded with amazing healing properties, live enzymes and great for helping to reduce inflammation. Can also help clean up your intestines of undigested proteins and help to keep everything moving smoothly. Try adding a little to your green smoothie each day.

Raw Organic Cacao Butter
Super nourishing and hydrating for the skin. Throughout winter I like to use my hydrating face mask recipe after a good clay mask 2-3 times per week.

Clay Masks
Naturally detoxifying and a great exfoliant also. Helps draw toxins out fo the skin and remove dead skin cells. Also helps draw blood to the skin to encourage new skin cell repair and recovery. Check out my weekly ritual here and the benefits of clay.

Grass-fed Meats
Contain naturally occurring omega 3 fats and conjugated linoleic acid along with good quality proteins needed for optimal cell recovery and repair.

I am a huge fan of including gelatin and collagen into my diet, whether this is through homemade broth or I also like to add pure collagen to my smoothie as the protein source and also other healing benefits that are great for you skin.

Nighttime Repair
I love my nourishing face mask. Throughout winter I use this most nights. Its a stunning combination of bees wax, raw cacao butter, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, honey and lavender.  I apply this amazing combination before I go to bed and my face gets a full 6-8 hours of deep conditioning that is loaded with amazing food for my skin.

Winter is a great time to take care of you skin and these tips are great for helping build healthy cells from the inside out while providing your skin with amazing food from the outside in.

P.S Want to know what my weekly face mask ritual is that has really helped my perioral dermatitis? Check out my next post My Weekly Face Mask Ritual

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