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It's amazing what you can create when you just mock something up. This has no grain, no dairy, no sugar. Good quality fats, carbohydrates and some protein. Simple, clean, definitely a real food for the whole family dam!

This is such a great recipe, perfect guilt free treat! There is something about a carrot cake that makes me smile. This one will do that for sure. Grain free, sugar free, dairy free. Clean simple food that will make your body happy.    

Oh my goodness! Can't believe this tastes and looks like a real cake. ;) Very happy with this creation! I made it in a round dish but you could make it in muffin tins, bread tin, or whatever works for you. Even cookies are possible. Might give that a go next time.  

Want to have that warm feeling of porridge in the morning without the grains and dairy? This is a great way to start the day if you need that extra fuel to get going. Have a bowl of this with some extra protein on the side and away you go!

Yummy! These are great to start the day or to have as a snack in the fridge ready for you to eat post workout. I make a huge batch of these sort of things once a week. Really easy to make and great for you and anyone else in the family.

Great protein packed breakfast that will fill you up and help you power through your day. This will take less than 5 minutes to make....hmm and if you eat like me, probably a lot shorter time to eat!  

No grains, no diary, no sugar and they taste amazing. This is the perfect recipe to make plenty of. Theses are a great snack, has protein, good carbohydrates and fats. Not sure how long they will keep, but can't imagine them lasting to long.    

Tasty bite size morsels of nutrition. Great to make for dinner party, have as a snack in fridge, have some for breakfast, dinner or lunch. These are a great food to make plenty. They will get eaten fast by the family so be sure to put aside if you plan to freeze some.  

Not sure if this is a recipe or not. May even taste weird to others. However, I am slightly addicted to this at the moment as a mid afternoon snack, so thought I would share. Came about because I had some grated carrot and cabbage sitting in the container in our fridge and my boiled egg. So I put it together with a dab of coconut cream, salt and pepper. Then before I knew it I was licking the bowl!

This dish is great to use whenever you are wanting to have some rice. So this is for stir fries, curries, and casseroles. Use this instead and notice how amazing you feel and how full!

Always eat real chocolate, 70% plus, avoid the sugar. Cacao is 100%! So good! Check out how simple this recipe is, you could do so many different variations on it. Play around and see what you come up with. Perfect treat!