Easy Lemon Butter Fish

This dish is a great fast mid week or weekend dinner.  I bought some lovely fresh snapper and that combined with the zest of the lemon make this an incredible simple dish to make. Take it up a notch and add more flavour with fresh herbs and spices if you wish or keep it simple the way I did.


500 grams snapper (enough for 4 parcels) 6 button mushrooms finely diced. 2 tablespoons of butter 4 lemons and there zest

Cooking Instructions

Heat oven to 200 C

Divide fish into 4 even portion sizes and place into some tin foil, ensure enough tin foil to wrap the fish up in.

Zest the lemons and squeeze the juice from the lemons into a cup then drizzle evenly over all the snapper parcels.

Place a dollap of butter into each parcel along with mushrooms and zest from the lemons

Seal the tin foil and place into the oven for 10-12 minutes or until fish is cooked.

Remove from oven and sprinkle with some fresh herbs, goes great with a fresh green salad, use all the liquid as a dressing for your salad and enjoy!

Lemon And Butter White Fish-4

Lemon And Butter White Fish-2

Lemon And Butter White Fish-3


Lemon And Butter White Fish


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