Immunity Boosting Green Smoothie

I have had a crazy last few weeks with moving house, filming bootcamp and a few other work related things and my poor body was running on empty over the weekend. They do say moving house is one of those most stressful events in your life. So it was time to tuck myself away from the chaos for a few days and charge up the batteries so I don’t completely burn out.


3-4 stalks celery 1 green apple 1 thumb of ginger 1/2 cucumber 1 teaspoon Spirulina 1/2 avocado 1/2 whole lemon

Part of that process for me involves getting as much green goodness into my body as possible. I think green smoothies daily are a complete game changer for me. It is only when I started committing to having these daily that I really started to notice a big change in my energy and when ever I feel that adrenal fatigue sneaking back up again I up my green smoothie intake.

Throughout summer I had green smoothies for breakfast, but at this time of year I find them a bit hard to have early and enjoy them instead mid morning or for lunch. It really doesn’t matter when you have them.

Its also something I try and get anyone who comes to me with fatigue to start including into their diet daily. Often we are looking for a magic formula or supplement when it comes to fatigue and in fact that magic formula is often really simple. Slow down and eat more greens! So when I get tired, this is exactly what I do.

Tuck away from the chaos and nourish my body with some rest and lots of nourishing food.

This green smoothie almost has a blue glow to it due to the blue algae spirulina I was using. Spirulina is such an amazing superfood and again something I love to throw into smoothies for even more nutrients. Huge amounts of antioxidants and simply loaded with minerals and vitamins.

I then get my vegetables and fruit from mount whole foods which is all spray free local produce. So my lemons go into the smoothie whole. Skin and all. Gives the smoothie a great kick and again packed full of vitamin c. Then you can’t beat ginger to boost the immune system to!


Place everything into a high speed blender and blitz up until smooth and creamy.
I then garnished with some crushed brazil nuts.


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