Summer BBQ Menu Plan

Looking for a simple menu plan for a summer BBQ? Check out what I used for a fresh summer lunch this weekend. Was nice and light without being to heavy and stodgy. Exactly what you kind of feel like on these long hot summer days.




I made all the dishes ahead of time and they were in the fridge nice and cool ready to eat when we were ready. I then got to sit down and relax while Ben pulled the marinated chicken out and cooked that when the guests were here (Men do like to hang around BBQs afterall!). Great combination of dishes! No stress and everything tasted awesome!

We then just finished it all off with some fresh local berries and cherries for dessert. So good at this time of year!

Summer Salad
Fresh summer salad recipe here
Quinoa Zuchini Salad-4
Quinoa Zucchini and beetroot salad recipe here
Herbed Chicken Marinade
Marinated herbed chicken recipe here
BBQ meal Plan-3
Then to finish off I placed a lovely big bowl of fresh berries in the middle of the table to pick at and enjoy!


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