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Oh my goodness! Can't believe this tastes and looks like a real cake. ;) Very happy with this creation! I made it in a round dish but you could make it in muffin tins, bread tin, or whatever works for you. Even cookies are possible. Might give that a go next time.  

Gotta love a good old scone! Bit of butter on the side, the smell through the house. Well these ones are even better! No flour, no grain, no sugar and taste pretty dam fine!

No grains, no diary, no sugar and they taste amazing. This is the perfect recipe to make plenty of. Theses are a great snack, has protein, good carbohydrates and fats. Not sure how long they will keep, but can't imagine them lasting to long.    

I had some left over vegetable rice so I decided to make this great clean eating pizza base. I got creative and this came out of the oven! An awesome variation on good old pizza. This was really delicious and really easy to make. No flour or gluten inside. 100% real food with 100% pizza taste and satisfaction.

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